How can I join the WABIP?

Memberships are group-based such that an individual may only join through a WABIP Member Society. If your local or national association/society would like to join and become a Member Society, please contact us to begin the membership process.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The membership fee is $5 USD per person annually.

How can I subscribe to JOBIP / Respiration?

WABIP members may take advantage of reduced rates for online subscriptions to the mentioned journals. Links to subscription forms will appear after logging in to this website. You may also contact us to begin the sign up process.

What are the membership benefits?

In addition to the above journals at reduced rates, the WABIP membership benefits are:

  • Reduced registration fees for regional and national workshops and educational seminars sponsored in part or in whole by WABIP.
  • Email subscriptions to the official WABIP Newsletter and other educational resources designed, developed, or distributed by the WABIP.
  • Reduced registration fee for our biennial congress. The amount reduced is at the discretion of the WCBIP organizing committee.
  • Access to educational activities and other resources, including the WABIP Newsletter and WABIP Academy.
  • Access to WABIP endorsement or sponsorship of local, regional, national or international education or research-related programs.
  • Access to announce education or research activities on the WABIP website and Newsletter.
  • Representation on our Board of Regents, and if actively involved, on its standing committees, taskforces and other groups and activities.

Can I get a membership certificate?

If you are a WABIP member, yes. We can issue you a PDF certificate in your name and titles after we verify your membership status. Please go to the Request a Certificate page for a sample certificate and the online form.

Why can't I log into my account?

Every WABIP member has an account to access the "members-only" area of this website. If you are a member, you may try to retrieve your username and/or password here. Otherwise, please contact us for technical support.