We are pleased to announce that nominations for the next WABIP Awards are now open. The awards will be presented during the opening ceremony of the WCBIP congress held in Bali Indonesia.

Send us your nominations for the below Awards of outstanding members of the Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology community.

The Gustav Killian Centenary Medal recognizes accomplished senior bronchologists whose career achievements and clinical practices have made a significant impact on the art and science of bronchology... READ MORE

Nomination deadline: July 1, 2024

Prior recipients: Shigeto Ikeda (1997), Jean-Francois Dumon (1998), Udaya BS Prakash (2000), Steven Lam (2002), Ko-Pen Wang (2004), Donald Zavala (2006), Pablo Diaz-Jimenez (2008), Henri Colt (2010), Hiroaki Osada (2012), Atul Mehta (2014), Kazuhiro Yasufuku (2016), Stefano Gasparini (2018), Eric Edell (2020), Martin Phillips (2022)

The WABIP-Dumon Award recognizes individuals who have generously devoted their careers to enhancing others’ technical skills in rigid bronchoscopy and improving knowledge and understanding of central airway obstruction... READ MORE

Nomination deadline: July 1, 2024

Prior recipients: John Beamis (2007), Henri Colt (2008), Hermann Tonn (2009), Heinrich Becker (2010), Jean-Michel Vergnon (2014), Masahide Oki (2016), Pablo Diaz-Jimenez (2018), Herve Dutau (2020), Septimiu Murgu (2022)

The Heinrich Becker Young Investigator Awards for Research and Clinical Innovation recognizes young researchers and clinicians whose work significantly contributes to bronchology-related patient care, research, or technological innovations.... READ MORE

Submit WCBIP Abstract here
Abstract submission deadline: May 1, 2024

The WABIP Lifetime Achievement Award is designed to acknowledge those who made considerable contributions to the clinical practice of bronchology and interventional pulmonology in their respective regions, but have retired from active clinical practice and have not been otherwise recognized for leadership service in our international association... READ MORE

Nomination deadline: July 1, 2024

Prior recipients: Sergio Cavaliere (2016), Hugo Botto (2020), Teruomi Miyazawa (2022)

The Distinguished WABIP Regent Award recognizes members of our Board of Regents who have made significant contributions to the development of the activities of WABIP in his country during his term as Regent... READ MORE

Nominations shall be made by the WABIP Executive Board, and finalized by the Awards committee.

Prior recipients: Erik van der Heijden (2020), Spasoje Popević (2022)

We look forward to receiving your nominations.


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