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A Look Back at WCBIP/WCBE 2022 Marseille
Looking back at the program, events and participants of WCBIP/WCBE 2022 in Marseille held from October 6-9, we are very delighted and proud to say that the congress was an outstanding success. The magnificent Palais du Pharo (built under Napoleon III – XIXth century) overlooking our 'Vieux Port' ('old Harbour') in Marseille downtown ... READ

Utilization of Illumisite for Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy with Digital Tomosynthesis and Continuous Tip Tracking
(Tech Corner) Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) is a minimally invasive technology that guides bronchoscopes and biopsy tools to pulmonary lesions. This technology has improved ... READ

C-Arm Based Tomosynthesis for real-time Augmented Fluoroscopy imaging during Robotic Bronchoscopy
The widespread availability and use of computed tomography (CT) have led to increased nodule detection rate that prompted a need for improved technology to aid in diagnostic procedures. ... READ

The Ethics of Migration in the Times of Pandemic and War
Expressions like “migration crisis”, “migration problematic” or even “migrant’s invasion” have filled the media in the last decade, brought the subject into our daily lives and made almost ... READ

Best Image Contest 2023
Endobronchial Rhinosporidiosis: A. Tracheal mucosal infiltration with strawberry like growth, B. Complete occlusion of right main bronchus due to endobronchial growth, C. Endoluminal growths in ... READ

Interventional Pulmonology Institute of the WABIP in Turkey is Coming Soon
The first Interventional Pulmonology Institute (IPI) of the World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP) will inaugurate in May 2023 at the LIV hospital, Istanbul. ... READ

WABIP Visiting Scholar Travel Grant Report
I am very proud and happy to be a recipient of the WABIP Visiting Scholar Travel Grant, being awarded this honor back in 2019. Prof. Venerino Poletti from Italy had caught my attention as I was reading ... READ

First WABIP/Chile Interventional Bronchoscopy Workshop
On December 5th and 6th, the very first WABIP activity in Chile was held. This was the 3rd attempt to organize a WABIP/Chile event that was repeatedly delayed because of the epidemiological ... READ

WABIP Workshop in Ecuador
Celebrating the return of the onsite activities, WABIP has re-started its traditional training programs. Dr. Rocío de Janon, Regent of the Ecuadorian Society of Tisiology and Thorax Diseases, organized ... READ

Workshop of Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Bronchoscopy in High Fidelity Cadaveric Models in Uruguay
On November 29th WABIP co-sponsored, with the Uruguayan Society of Pneumology, the first bronchoscopy workshop with high fidelity cadaveric models in Uruguay. The activity occurred in Maciel Hospital ... READ

The List of Bronchoscopic Therapies Goes On! Bronchoscopic Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis - Bronchial Rheoplasty!
(Research) Chronic Bronchitis is a chronic, progressive disease with debilitating symptoms. Medical management of this disease is often unsuccessful. Several innovative bronchoscopic treatments ... READ

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