WABIP committees play an important role in programs and processes of our international organization. Competent, enthusiastic volunteers contribute to committee function to assure tasks are completed on time, and in a manner consistent with the mission and vision of the WABIP. Committee membership represents the broad geographical range of our society and is open to all members in good standing of the WABIP.

Nominations and self-nominations for open committee seats occur twice a year (summer and fall). Announcements of openings are made on the WABIP website and also by email notification. Interested persons must complete the committee member nomination form and submit it to WABIP administrative staff. Please note that it is not possible to appoint every individual who volunteers for a specific committee and that self-nomination does not guarantee selection for that particular committee.

Each committee has a Chair named by the Chairman of the WABIP and up to seven committee members. Committee members are recommended by the WABIP Chairman based on the volunteer’s expertise, interest and experience after careful review of all applications. Committee selections must be approved by the WABIP executive board. Duration of service on a WABIP committee is usually for a minimum of two years.

Committees Mandated by WABIP Bylaws
Executive Committee
This committee conducts WABIP daily business and communicates regularly with the Board of Regents, all committees, taskforces and other WABIP groups, and the Administrative Office. Members of this committee are composed of those in the Executive Board only. Formally, the Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Regents.
  • Chair: Zsolt Papai (Hungary)
  • Past-chair: Henri Colt (USA)
  • General: Silvia Quadrelli (Argentina), Hideo Saka (Japan), Eric Edell (USA), Guangfa Wang (China)
Education Committee
This committee assists in organizing workshops, raising monies to help support visiting scholars and researchers, and obtaining/determining grant support for local, national, regional, and international projects or Continuing Medical Education (CME) – related activities.
  • Chair: Patricia Vujacich (Argentina)
  • Past-chair: Silvia Quadrelli (Argentina)
  • General: Alex Chee (Canada), Takehiro Izumo (Japan), Tudor Toma (UK), Omer Elhag (Sudan)
Membership Committee
This committee recommends strategies for increasing WABIP membership, provides reports and reviews regarding current membership, and makes recommendations of ways to increase benefits of WABIP membership. The committee also helps assure appropriate regional representation on the WABIP international board of regents.
  • Chair: Pedro Garcia-Mantilla (Peru)
  • Past-chair: Shiyue Li (China)
  • General: Shaheen Islam (USA), Ayman A H Farghaly (Egypt), Meng Shen (China)
Central Congress Committee
This committee helps maintain and revise the WABIP guidelines for the biennial world congress. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide advice to congress host organizers, maintain continuity, help assure identification of the world congress with the WABIP, and facilitate the congress host’s (president of WCBIP) work organizing this important biennial activity.

Medical Publications Committee
This committee is tasked with designing and obtaining materials necessary for a book entitled Brief History of the WABIP.

Finance and Fund-raising Committee
This committee helps assure appropriate collection of dues, designs and oversees fund-raising activities, and monitors expenditures.

Other WABIP Committees
Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee
This committee reviews all conflict of interest (COI) statements submitted by committee chairs, committee members, taskforce members, and individuals participating in WABIP programs and activities.
  • Chair: John Mullon (USA)
  • Past-chair: Eric Edell (USA)
  • General: Patricia Vujacich (Argentina) , Julius Dalupang (Philippines), Maria Simon (Romania)
Continued Medical Education Committee
This committee reviews all applications for endorsement or sponsorship of conferences, workshops, or congress-related educational and/or scientific activities. Applications for official endorsement or sponsorship are available on the WABIP website, and must be completed and submitted by the course director of the host institution or society.
  • General: Samira Shojaee (USA) , Ales Rozman (Slovenia), Hirsh Koyi (India), Mohammed Munavvar (UK)
Awards Committee
This committee reviews nomination forms and award applications for the Killian Centenary Medal and WABIP-Dumon Award. The committee also selects awardees after their careful review of all abstracts eligible for the Heinrich Becker Awards for Research and Clinical Innovation.
  • Chair: Pedro Grynblat (Argentina)
  • Past-chair: Herve Dutau (France)
  • General: Ashkan Moslehi (Iran), Christopher Gilbert (USA), Nikhil Meena (USA)
Vice-chair Selection Committee
Using objective criteria, this committee is tasked with recommending 2-3 candidates to the WABIP Board of Regents for every biennial Vice-chair election. The Vice-chair carries out leadership responsibilities and tasks in accordance with the principles and objectives of the WABIP to assure the credibility and enhanced growth and sustainability of our organization.
  • Chair: Henri Colt (USA)
  • General: Kazuhiro Yasufuku (Canada), Pedro Garcia-Mantilla (Peru), Patricia Vujacich (Argentina), Javier Flandes (Spain)
Bylaws Revision Committee
This committee reviews the WABIP bylaws yearly and develops proposed revisions. Final revisions by the committee will be submitted to the WABIP executive committee for review. After which, the revised Bylaws are presented to the WABIP Board of Regents for voting.
  • Chair: Ajay Bedekar (USA)
  • Past-chair: Wahju Aniwidyaningsih (Indonesia)
  • General: Evica Budišin (Serbia)
Bronchoscopy Education Project Oversight Committee
This committee reviews and approves educational materials used in the bronchoscopy education project. It also reviews applications submitted by WABIP members interested in hosting a BEP seminar (for example, Introduction to flexible bronchoscopy program, Introduction to endobronchial ultrasound program, or faculty development program). The committee determines funding support of these programs as applicable, and reviews final project reports and receipts provided by host organizers.
  • Chair: Henri Colt (USA),
  • Past-chair: Hiroaki Osada (Japan)
  • General: Zsolt Papai (Hungary), Silvia Quadrelli (Argentina), Hideo Saka (Japan), Eric Edell (USA)
Social Media Activity Committee
The Social Media Activity committee is tasked with forming and implementing ideas, tasks, and activities to engage users on social media platforms, with content pertaining to WABIP and its mission. This committee shall also explore and carry out new and different ways to increase the visibility and presence of the WABIP on such social media platforms.
  • Chair: Kedar Hibare (India)
  • General: Eric Tenda (Indonesia), SK Sarkar (India)
WABIP Ad-hoc Committees
Ad-hoc committees may be created for the purpose of specific tasks or WABIP-initiated projects.