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Bronchscopic lung volume reduction (BLVR): Past, Present and Promising Future
(Editorial) Patients with severe and very severe COPD suffer from hyperinflation, a condition that occurs when gas volume in the lungs exceeds the normal state at the end of spontaneous expiration. The lung can be hyperinflated at rest (static hyperinflation) and/or during exercise (dynamic hyperinflation) when ventilatory demands are ... READ

Quantitative Computed Tomography of Emphysema
Patients with advanced emphysema often suffer from breathlessness despite optimal medical treatment. When pulmonary function test in these patients indicates significant hyperinflation ... READ

Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction: Complications Happen!
(Tips from the Experts: Nishil Dalsania MD & Ali Musani MD) High complications of surgical lung volume reduction have led to multiple iterations of bronchoscopic lung volume reduction (BLVR). ... READ

Striking a Balance: Addressing Inequity in the Face of Rising Drug Costs and Big Pharma's Commercial Interests
(Humanitarian) Healthcare providers are bound to make suboptimal treatment judgements. Healthcare professionals in most countries work within intricate and fragmented systems that often lack sufficient evidence ... READ

Best Image Contest Recipient: ENDOBRONCHIAL TB - TUMOR TYPE
Central Airway Obstruction due to endobronchial tumorous type of tuberculosis A. CT scan showing RMB polypoid mass with extraluminal extension
B. Mobile large growth in the distal trachea on
... READ

Inviting you to Bali Indonesia for WCBIP 2024; Join us for Webinar on Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR). Agenda includes COPD - the burden of disease & Treatment options for advanced COPD ... READ

The Bronchoscopic Revolution Continues!
(Research) Bronchoscopic Treatment of Emphysema - Emphysema, a debilitating and often life-threatening condition, has long challenged the medical community. For decades, patients with upper ... READ
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