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Artificial Intelligence and Interventional Pulmonology Are we “stepping in GOD’s shoes”?
(Editorial) Articial Intelligence is not a novel concept. The word “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by John McCarthy in 1956, and the first general-purpose mobile robot was developed in 1969. The rapid growth in technology soon created “Super Blue,” the “supercomputer,” which defeated the world chess champions. ... READ

Augmented Imaging for Peripheral Bronchoscopy
(Tech Corner) Traditional guided bronchoscopy modalities include standard fluoroscopy, radial ultrasound, and electromagnetic guidance. Despite evolving technology and tools, biopsy yields ... READ

Using the “Vessel Sign” for Pre-procedural Planning in Navigational and Robotic Bronchoscopy
(Tips from the Experts) Diagnostic procedures for sampling peripheral pulmonary lesions (PPL) have developed remarkably over the last two decades as more lung nodules are being identified due to ... READ

Ethical Issues about Waiving Intellectual Property Protections for COVID-19 Vaccines
(Humanitarian News) In 1796 Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine by taking material from cowpox lesions on a cow maid and injecting it into an eight-year-old boy. Several weeks later, he injected ... READ

Best Image Recipient 2022 (1 of 3)
60 years old gentleman presented with insidious onset of stridor and exertional dyspnea after endotracheal intubation for a Killip-4 anterior myocardial infarction a year ago. CT scan confirmed ... READ

WCBIP 2022 Marseille Announcements; Annual WABIP Board of Regents Meeting Announcement; Endoscopic Ultrasound section welcoming new members; APCB congress schedule change ... READ

What Are the Necessary Technologies and Techniques for Transbronchial Ablation of Pulmonary Nodules?
(Research) Ablation techniques, including radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablayion (MWA), and cryoablation, are promising treatments for malignant pulmonary nodules. Compared to percutaneous ... READ

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