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Bronchoscopy in Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Infection
It has been more than 3 months since WHO was notified of the first cases of “pneumonia with unknown cause” in China. It’s incredible to reflect on how dramatically the world has changed in such a short period. The total number of COVID-19 cases has passed three million, and the deaths related to COVID-19 is growing upwards of 217 thousand ... READ

Trans-parenchymal nodule access
(Tech Corner) During the past decade, there has been a remarkable advancement in diagnostic technological innovations with respect to bronchoscopic approaches of an indeterminate pulmonary nodule ... READ

Tips for improving the navigation, visualization and specimen quality during Robotic Assisted Bronchoscopy
(Tips from the Experts) Introduction: Lung cancer screening and the increased use of chest computed tomography (CT) has led to a significantly high rate of lung nodules detection. In the United ... READ

Ethics of Public Health During a Pandemic
Medicine and public health are two complementary and interacting approaches for promoting and protecting health. Yet medicine and public health can, and also must be differentiated, because in ... READ

Best Image Contest 2020 (2 of 3)
Description: Proximal airway of a 59 year-old female presenting with 3 months of progressive dyspnea following a non-tramautic intubation in the setting of surgical resection of the colon ... READ

Announcing the biennial Board of Regents meeting; New Member Society; Upcoming events: WCBIP 2020, ECBIP 2021 ... READ

Cryobiopsy: Is it worth the risk?
Specimens from transbronchial lung biopsies are usually very small and lack architectural integrity due to crush artifact to diagnose diffuse lung diseases with confidence. Transbronchial Lung ... READ

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