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Tissue diagnosis prior to resection for lung cancer vs. surgical biopsy in the era of guided bronchoscopy
(Guest Opinion/Editorial) Guided bronchoscopy has significantly improved the diagnostic yield of transbronchial biopsy. Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy, for example, has a pooled diagnostic accuracy of 74%, compared to as low as 14% with conventional bronchoscopy. Given its low rate of complications, transbronchial biopsy warrants
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Targeted lung denervation for COPD
(Technology Corner) Targeted lung denervation (TLD) is a novel bronchoscopic therapy with the intention of permanently disrupting peribronchial parasympathetic ... READ

Whole Lung Lavage
(Tips from the Experts: Dr. Jean Bussieres & Dr. Peter Slinger) Bilateral whole lung lavage (WLL) is the most effective proven treatment modality for symptomatic pulmonary alveolar proteinosis ... READ

Let's Talk About Money
(Humanitarian News) One of the main concerns of the general public about the humanitarian aid is how the relief agencies collect and spend the money. The general distrust ... READ

Best Image Contest 2020 Recipient (1 of 3)
Complex tracheal stenosis secondary to blastomicosis. Submitted by Liu Estradioto, MD and Rodrigo Bettega de Araújo, MD. ... READ

WCBIP Shanghai 2020 Postponed & Rescheduled; Annual Board of Regents Meeting in February 2020; Announcing the WABIP Visiting Scholar Travel Grant Recipient; New Member Societies ... READ

In Memory of Prof. Patrick Barron
It is with great regret to inform you that Professor Emeritus Patrick Barron has unexpectedly passed away on August 17th, 2019 at the age of 71. Many of our colleagues who knew Patrick deeply share the same regret and sorrow. ... READ

Liquid Biopsy – What’s going to happen to Bronchoscopy?
(Research) Finding a few millimeters pulmonary nodules with current technological advancements in radiology such as thin slice and high-resolution CTs is not the problem. However ... READ

Upcoming Events
10th Annual Evaluation and Management of Pleural Disease (USA); WABIP Rigid Bronchoscopy Japonica (Japan); WABIP Navigation Bronchoscopy with Cone-Beam CT Course (The Netherlands)
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