We are pleased to announce that the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy (SAB) has joined the WABIP. Many thanks to the SAB board, its members and Prof. Henri Colt for facilitating SAB membership in our truly international organization with now over 8,900 members.

Dr. Michael Pritchett and Dr. Jaspal Singh are the SAB representatives on the WABIP Board of Regents (reference).

About the SAB

The purpose of SAB is to promote and develop the highest standards of clinical excellence in the field of advanced bronchoscopy Societal initiatives will focus on education, clinical practice, clinical excellence, clinical research, and equipment use and development. SAB strives to educate its members utilizing those formats deemed most appropriate. SAB supports and assists in the development of experience-based program certification in bronchoscopy to foster excellence in clinical practice and patient care.

Visit the official SAB website at https://www.sabronchoscopy.org