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New Immunotherapy Standards for Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
(Guest Editorial by Sally C. Lau, MD & Natasha Leighl, MD) Immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors is the latest addition to our armamentarium against cancer. Rather than using cytotoxic compounds that kill cancer cells (and potentially damage normal tissue), immunotherapy harnesses the host’s versatile immune system. The memory of activated immune cells is thought to uniquely ... READ

A Novel Electrosurgery Instrument for Central Airway Obstruction
(Technology Corner) Introduction: Electrocautery refers to the use of electricity for heating, coagulating, carbonizing and vaporizing tissues. ... READ

Management of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax
(Tips from the Experts by Nicholas Pastis, MD, FCCP) All pneumothoraces are not created equally and the differences are important as they inform further management strategies. ... READ

The Ethics of Migration
(Humanitarian News) Ethical questions regarding human migration are a topic of hot public debate, particularly in recent years. The consequences ... READ

Another generation of South American leaders, Buenos Aires, 2018
(Education & Training) It’s always exciting when a new generation of physicians takes on leadership roles. That is what I saw in Buenos Aires in December, 2018. ... READ

Best Image Contest Results (1 of 3)
Description: Refractory hydrothorax appears when there is no response to sait restriction, diuretics and paracentesis and its management is not ... READ

Announcing the Annual Board of Regents Meeting 2019; WABIP Visiting Scholar Travel Grant Recipients 2019; New WABIP Member Societies ... READ

The Holy Grail?
(Research) The desire to reach smaller and peripheral pulmonary nodules continues to grow stronger as the screening for lung cancer becomes more prevalent. After which, the natural ... READ

Upcoming Events
BRONCOCON 2019 (India); APCB 2019 (Australia); Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy Workshop (FL, USA); ECBIP 2019 (Croatia) ... READ

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