• When: March 31 - April 2, 2022
  • Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Simulation Center of University"
  • Program Director: Marioara Simon, MD
  • Learning Objectives:
    Introduction to flexible bronchoscopy


    - to be aware that flexible bronchoscopy is very important in everyday pulmonologist practice
    - to be able to recognize and identify the anatomy of the airway
    - to be able to intubate the patient with flexible bronchoscope
    - to know the segmentation of the bronchi and to be able to do step by step bronchoscopy
    - to have knowledge about bronchoscopy techniques
    - to be able to demonstrate how to clean the fibroscope after procedure
    For pulmonologists and anesthesiologists

    Workshop in Interventional pulmonology
    - To know nodal and vascular mediastinal anatomy
    - To know EBUS/CT corellations
    - To know indications, complications of EBUS
    - To Know step by step EBUS-TBNA
    - To be able to communicate with nurses and to handling and processing EBUS specimen