When: October 16-17 and November 7, 2015
Where: Lima, Peru
Program Director: Pedro Garcilla-Mantilla, MD

The Peruvian Association for Bronchology will hold an IFB Course in Lima for pulmonology residents and junior pulmonologists. Date: October 16 - 17 and November 7 2015.

This course is a 3-day program with Hands-on in 3 stations, scheduled separately:
- Airway anatomy and step by step. Oct 16 - 17
- Endobronchial brushings, and endobronchial biopsy. Nov 7
- Diagnostic strategies: interactive small group session. Nov 7

Also, there will be a pre-test and post-test model (BSTAT) to document cognitive knowledge and technical skill acquisition. The program will receive the endorsements of Ricardo Palma Peruvian University and the Peruvian Medical Board.

Download the program schedule (in Spanish) here