When: August 5, 2015
Where: Shaab teaching Hospital - Khartoum, Sudan
Program Director: Dr. Omer Elgaili Yousif Elhag
Coach and facilitator: Henri Colt MD, Chairman WABIP


Teaching the Fundamentals of Flexible Bronchoscopy: Skills training, knowledge assessments, checklists, case-based exercises, and step-by-step instructional techniques

Under the auspices of The Sudan Medical Specialization Board (S.M.S.B, Respiratory board) in collaboration with The Sudanese Chest Physicians Society (S.C.P.S) and the World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy International

Venue: Prof Sidig Ibrahim Khalil Hall
Shaab Teaching Hospital Khartoum

08:00     Registration
09:00-9:15     Welcome speech Prof Abdulahi Mahgoub Zaki
09:15-9:30     Goals and objectives of this training seminar (Prof Henri Colt)
9:30-9:45     Overview of competency-oriented learning (Prof Henri Colt)
9:45-10:00     Introduction to Flexible Bronchoscopy training manual (Prof Henri Colt)
10:00- 10:30     Assessment tools and checklists (informed consent simulation)
10:30-11:00     Interactive session using The Essential Bronchoscopist
11.00-11.30     Coffee Break
11.30- 12:00     Instructional videos and Practical Approach case-based exercises
12:00-12:30     Small group sessions to prepare a case-based-practical approach exercise
12:30-1:00     Simulation and demonstration using practical approach exercise
1:00-2:00     Working lunch: Teaching philosophies and techniques
2:00 -04:00     Hands-on bronchoscopy training using step-by-step and BSTAT
4:00-4-30     Debrief (defining the needs of bronchoscopists in the Sudan: Future directions)
4:30-4:45     Certificates and Group photo