Policies Overview

As a prominent international organization, the WABIP has a growing role and responsibility in developing policies pertaining to the ethical function of a non-profit medical professional organization as well as in developing and/or endorsing specific health care related policies affecting patients with airway, lung, pleural and esophageal disorders. The WABIP strives to collaborate with other international and national organizations to help raise awareness about certain disease processes, technologies, and procedural techniques to the benefit of physicians and a global society.


Bylaws Version: October 31, 2022

Rules of Procedures Version: April 18, 2023
Conflict of Interest
Our Conflict of Interest Policy and Rules were designed to ensure transparency while protecting the integrity of individuals participating on the WABIP Executive Board, Board of Regents (“BOR”), committees, taskforces, guidelines panels, or individuals participating in other ways in the development and implementation of WABIP products or services.

Please find the complete COI Policy and Rules document here. This document applies to all application forms for WABIP leadership positions such as: