Council of Past Chairs
The Council of Past Chairs is an advisory group that provides institutional memory for the leadership of the WABIP and consultative advice to the current Chair as needed.

Complete list of past Chairs of the WABIP:

• Shigeto Ikeda, MD (Japan, 1978-2000)
• Hirokuni Yoshimura, MD (Japan, 2000-2004)
• Udaya Prakash, MD (USA, 2004-2008)
• Pablo Diaz, MD (Spain, 2008-2010)
• Hiroaki Osada, MD (Japan, 2010-2012)
• Henri Colt, MD (USA, 2012-2016)
• Zsolt Papai, MD (Hungary, 2012-2016)
• Silvia Quadrelli, MD (Argentina, 2018-2020)
• Hideo Saka, MD (Japan, 2020-2022)

Photo: Past Chairs meeting at the 20th WCBIP/WCBE in Rochester MN, USA - June 2018