Dear colleagues,

On behalf of our organizing committee, I would like to invite you to attend the 21st WCBIP, held in Shanghai on April 16-19, 2020. This congress is hosted by the WABIP, and is co-organized by the Chinese Medical Association and its affiliated Chinese Thoracic Society.

As the largest international organization in the area of bronchology and interventional pulmonology, the WABIP has over 8,600 members globally. Our organization has developed very quickly in the past decade, benefiting from the innovations and progresses of respiratory endoscopy and interventional pulmonology.

The theme of the 21st WCBIP is “New Land, New Scope”.

“New Land” implies that bronchology and interventional pulmonology are new subfields of modern respiratory medicine. Latest technologic innovations in Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology are one of the promising frontiers of Modern Respirology. “New Land” also means that advancing countries like China and other up and coming countries are involving themselves deeper in the academic pursuits of bronchology and interventional pulmonology. As one of the most rapidly developing countries, China will establish an excellent partnership with the WABIP and bring in many more nationals to the WABIP. “New Scope” means that new respiratory endoscopic techniques are being developed that will be highlighted at the congress. It also implies that developing countries have entered the scope of the WABIP and will be one of the focus of the society for years to come.

The 21st WCBIP will reveal a new landscape of Bronchololgy and Interventional Pulmonology, resulting in the involvement of developing countries and innovation of new respiratory endoscopic techniques.

Our program will include an opening ceremony, scientific seminars, satellite symposia, hand-on workshops, oral and poster presentations, video festivals and other academic and social activities. Do not miss out on our brilliant and extravagant social and scientific programs.

China is the largest developing country with 56 ethnic groups and a total population of 1.3 billion. She has a splendid and pluralistic culture and is famous for delicious foods and beautiful arts. Shanghai is a magical city. It is the largest financial and trade center in China. Her fascination comes from the combination of modernity and tradition. Although Shanghai is not the city with the longest history in China, the City God Temple is 600 years old. It exemplifies the dramatic change within Shanghai. Wandering along the river side or a river boat trip will offer you the most beautiful scenery of Huangpu. The 486-meter-high Oriental Pearl Tower will provide you a birds-eye view of Shanghai.

Welcome to Shanghai. Welcome to the 21st WCBIP. We look forward to seeing you in April 2020.

Guangfa Wang, M.D., PhD
President of the 21st WCBIP
Professor and Chairman
Dept of Respiratory and Critical Care Med
Peking University First Hospital
Beijing, China

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